Domaine Guillot Gonin

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The Guillot-Gonin Domain


Coming from two old winegrowing families of the Beaujolais region who have been working their land since the beginning of the 19th century, five generations have succeeded one another on the estate since 1805, each one bringing its own contribution.

In the 50's

It is in the 50’s that the first bottles were marketed in Lyon, under the impulse of Corinne’s grandfathers: Benoît Ravier and Jean François Gonin, and Jean Philippe’s: Alphonse Desclas, who was one of the first winegrowers to deliver his bottles directly to the Bouchons Lyonnais.


Today, the Domaine extends over 35 hectares on several Beaujolais crus where all the steps necessary for the elaboration of the wines, from the cultivation of the vine, to the vinification and the bottling, pass through their hands.

Corinne en contre jour qui sent les parfums d'un verre de vin
Des pierres dans les mains de Corinne
Gros plan sur le bouchon d'un fût de vin
paysage du Beaujolais, matin d'automne
paysage du Beaujolais, matin d'automne
Petit matin d'automne en Beaujolais


Logo du Domaine Guillot-Gonin

Corinne and Jean Philippe GUILLOT practice a reasoned culture on their 35 ha. From the vineyard to your table, each one has a role in the adventure: Corinne in total harmony with nature and Jean Philippe fulfilled in the human relationship.