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MADDAM is a Premium French whisky, produced exclusively in limited editions.


MADDAM is produced in a limited number of bottles, but with a great deal of attention, particularly from Corinne Guillot.


This distinguished, feminine whisky, with its voluptuous golden colour, reveals itself with every sip.


Its sunny character shines through on the palate, exalting the taste buds with a few provocative drops that round out into fragrances of vanilla, flowers and fruit…


Made from hop-free wash, MADDAM whisky has been aged in French oak casks for 3 years, the same casks used to mature a Bourgogne Chardonnay from the vines of Domaine Guillot-Gonin.


Distilled in Beaujolais by Master Distiller Pascal Nalin.

Aged in Jean-Philippe Guillot’s cellar

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