Domaine Guillot Gonin

Logo du Domaine Guillot-Gonin
Logo du Domaine Guillot-Gonin

Domaine Guillot-Gonin

A domain born from passions of two winegrowers

Complementary, they combine their different styles to offer you the best… The Domain extends over 35 hectares on several Beaujolais crus where all the steps necessary to the elaboration of the wines, from the cultivation of the vine to the vinification and bottling, pass through their hands.

A reasoned culture

Corinne and Jean-Philippe follow a reasoned culture on 35ha of vines with several appellations of Beaujolais.

An adventure

From the vineyard to your table, each one has a role in the adventure: Corinne in total harmony with nature and Jean-Philippe fulfilled in the human relationship.

The love of the land

A passion in every steps : Care, patience and attention are their key words.

Two ancient families of winegrowers from the Beaujolais

Logo du Domaine Guillot-Gonin

Since the beginning of the 19th century, they have offered exclusively the wines of Domaine Guillot Gonin.

5 generations have succeeded one another on the estate since 1805,
each one bringing its own contribution

Red, white, rosé...

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